Succulent Arrangement Update

So earlier in the summer I did a succulent arrangement and I thought it would be fun to share an update. 


I loved this arrangement when I originally created it but now it is so full. It is beautiful and green.


It has really grown and I know it will grow more. Hopefully it will grow more before I have to put it in the greenhouse. 

My Favorite Fairy Garden

I have been playing with succulents and cacti all summer long and I just love them. I now have about 10 succulent arrangements inside my house and I have a few outside as well. My mom got me a flower pot that was a large tea cup and told me she wanted me to do a succulent arrangement to add to my collection.  

I had some beautiful aloe cuttings and some cacti that I had ordered I felt would be perfect in this pot. I also had a fairy (that my kids broke the wings off of) to use. 

I ended up with my favorite fairy garden and such a cute center piece for our kitchen table. I did get some blue rock to use as water and green rock to act as grass. 

I have about 5 other fairies that need a garden for a home so I have more fairy gardens in my future.  

Happy Mothers day

Today has been a wonderful day. I truly enjoy spending a me with my family and we spent a little time at one of my favorite places today…the hardware store. The boys got me some rock my garden and some plants.


I love it when I bring home something to use in the yard. I have been slowly finishing up the front yard. I tend to purchase the plants or rock as it goes on sale. It was so awesome to be able to get a bunch of rock all at once.


Once we got home the boys helped me put the rock down and plant a few of the plants. It is so fun for me to decorate our yard with my kids. We have a few more plants to plant this next week and I got some brick for some painting projects with them.


This here is gift I made for my mom. Most of these plants are cuttings from my garden. I can’t wait to give it to her. 
I hope you all have a great day and happy mothers day. We will be watching the Lorax and have a nice Mother’s day dinner.

Succulent Center Piece

I have been  working with succulents for the past month and love working trying new arrangements. I have been working a lot with succulents that have already taken root and creating arrangements for outside. I have started a few cuttings but I am definitely not an expert.  I had a few aloe cuttings that I needed to do something with. I like to surround myself with things that I enjoy and as succulents are my newest interest, I thought it would be a good idea to do something for a center piece on my kitchen table.


This is the final product.

I am all about creating something beautiful as cheap as possible. I go to the clearance sections in all stores, go to the dollar store, or yard sales. It is all about finding something that you can use IMG_20160408_185625and run with it. I got the metal bucket at Target for under $5 and the decorative rock in the bucket I got at the dollar store. There should be a whole drilled in the bottom of the bucket but I didn’t do that. I know that drainage is important for succulents, but as this arrangement is on my kitchen table, I didn’t want to get water on my tablecloth.


There are some awesome finds to be found in a store, but another place to find great items is a,t yard sales. At yard sales, there can be some amazing deals. The two smIMG_20160408_185715all votives next to the bucket I got at a yard sale. I paid $1 for the pair. I was excited to find these, but I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. Again, I did not drill a whole in the bottom. I will be very careful when watering. I don’t want too much water so the aloe cutting does not rot.

Please remember, I am not an expert on succulents, I am just so excited to share my new passion with everyone. I hope to share some updates as the plants grow, and if the plants don’t make it, I will let you know how important the drainage is. I can’t wait for my next succulent arrangement. I hope to share that soon.

First Succulent Project

DSCN5818Gardening is one of my favorite things to do and I have so many project going on in the yard right now. I had to choose somewhere to begin so I have decided to start by sharing about one of my newest interests, succulents. My interest started  with my 4 year old son. He learned about cacti and just thought they were so cool he wanted one. Being that I love plants I was all for getting him interested in working in the yard so we went to the garden center at our local hardware store to let him pick out what he wanted. I didn’t want him to get poked so instead of a cactus we got succulents. I had never realized how beautiful and bright they were. I didn’t realize that the succulents could look like a rose and had such pretty flowers on them. After seeing how beautiful succulents are I decided to attempt to do an arrangement.

I have seen on pinterest some really awesome succulent arrangements and wanted to try them. So I wanted to share my first attempt at a succulent arr


Turle Rock

angement. So for this project
I had two pots that I wanted out by back door. I wanted to start with a simple project tha
t didn’t need anything two special: just the pots, soil, and plants. I got what I thought was a lot of succulents (note for the future: get way more plants than I think I need) and started to


Finish Project

place them in the pots. I put the taller plants in the back of the pot and tried to put focus on the succulents I really loved. As I didn’t have enough succulents to totally fill the pots like I had planned so I let my 2 year old paint some rocks that looked like turtles to placed in the pot.

DSCN5819I have so many more succulent projects planned for the future I can’t wait to create them. I have a lantern, some buckets, and some votives that I will be using for succulent arrangements. I plan to do some arrangement on some logs and rocks as well. I have been looking at garage sales for anything that would be awesome for succulent arrangemts. I hope you enjoy seeing my projects and get inspired to create something beautiful. This project that I showed you today is the first arrangement I did and I have done 2 others sense. I just get better and better with practice. I will share another project soon.