An Entire Laundry Room Updated all Started with some Shelves

As I am nearing the completion of the updating in my laundry room, I thought I would look back on my first project that started the entire journey. Our laundry room is very small and had very little storage space. All the storage space I had was one small shelf that would barely hold my laundry room supplies let alone anything else I wanted to keep handy. Because the the lack of space was not going to work for me, I knew I had to do something. So I decided I would add shelving to the room

Laundry rom shelvesThe existing shelf was black and just did not fit my style. Black is a great color but I prefer things that are bright and colorful. Sense I was not really happy with the black shelf, I took down the shelf and let my kids paint it. Now keep in mind at the time my kids were 1 1/2 and 3 years old. There is no rhyme or reason to their painting, they just picked a color they liked and finger painted it. It took them two days to finish the one shelf. I did have them paint both sides of the shelf and I did do a laundry room shelveslittle touching up to cover any spots that were missed.

Sense I wanted another shelf I needed them to paint a second one to match. I had a piece of plywood that was leftover from another project and decided to use that as my second shelf. They worked on the project for another two days, finger painting the shelf and themselves. The kids had fun painting and did a great job working together to fill a need in our home.

After I finished touching up the shelf I had to make some decision on how i wanted the shelves mounted on the wall. I still had the wall mounts from when the first shelf was black so I went ahead and used those for the original shelf. For the new shelf I had to purchase another set of wall mounts but I couldn’t find a set to matching the first pair of wall mounts. At first I was a little disappointed but then I decided to get the cheapest thing that I could find and just paint them the same color. I was a little nervous because the shelf mounts did not match but once both shelves were hanging on the wall I was not really bothered by it. Both mounts  were painted white and the wall is a cream color so they don’t really stand out.

Once both shelves were up I was so happy to have a little more space for storage and I loved the colors the kids painted them. The shelves entertained my kids for several days and is functional art that I get to look at every day. As the shelves were more my personal style, the rest of the room looked so boring to me. I felt as though the rest of the room needed some decor to complete the look of the room. I felt that the walled needed some touch up paint, the doors needed some TLC, and we needed artwork around the room. It is interesting to he how a seemly simple project could turn into an entire laundry room update.


Switch and Plug Covers

My laundry room is full of signs and artwork that I have created but there was one spot on my walls that just didn’t look right. My switch and plug covers looked so boring in comparison to the rest of the room. I decided I needed to do something with them so I painted them. I had two Harry Potter themed ideas that I wanted to do on my switches but I had a plug cover that needed something as well. I knew I wanted a quote but I felt it needed to be a Harry Potter theme to match. I started looking for a quote to inspire me in some way. Here are the three covers I completed:Harry potter

1. Lumos/Nox: I like to make things that make me smile so I decided to make this cover. It is fun to have something that a fan of Harry Potter would understand but other people just think it is weird.

harry potter 22. “…one only remembers to turn on the light.” I love this quote. It is inspiring and Albus Dumbledore always seems to know what he is talking about. I like to surround myself with things that inspire me to keep being me and to let life get me down.

3. harry potter3“What’ Comin’ will come…” This a quote by Hagrid and I feel like it is so true to life. Life will present situations and there is no need to worry and it will be met as the situation progresses.

I really like my switch and plug covers. The hand writing is not the best but it was still fun to make. I think it looks better than the plain covers. I like having quotes to inspire me to life a positive life surrounding me. It is always fun to find something to inspire a happy life.






Artwork in the Laundry Room

There are so many projects that I have going on around my house and the one that have almost completed is my laundry room. I have done several projects in my laundry room and a few weeks ago I shared some of the signs I have created. Now that the room is coming together nicely I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the artwork that I have drawn or painted. I also have some artwork my kids have created as well.

DSCN5940Many of my drawings are inspired from pictures I have taken. I love it when I see something that inspires a project and I love it when I know just where I want to put it. Animals are fun to draw because my children also enjoy looking that the pictures too.

As time goes on I will share many other pictures that I have drawn of animals but this owl is DSCN5941probably my favorite. The owl took me a few days to draw because of all the grey. I had to make the bird stand out against the background.

Doodle art is so much fun and just about everyone has doodled on a paper. Well this is one of mine that I haveDSCN5942 hung on the wall.This picture was largest doodle art that I have ever drawn and I painted it instead of using ink. I plan to do more of these for around our house in the future.

This last picture that I am going to show you today is some artwork done my kids. The kidsDSCN5944 had fun drawing the pictures and they also colored on the frame. I made the frame out of popsicle sticks. I love seeing the kids artwork it makes me smile.

Art is so much fun. It can really brighten up a room and can improve a rooms looks. If you like to draw or doodle then you can add art to your walls pretty inexpensively and if you have kids you can get art on a daily basis. All of this art is in my laundry room and I love seeing the pictures on my walls. It makes it so much easier to work on laundry when I have something nice to looks at.




Succulent Center Piece

I have been  working with succulents for the past month and love working trying new arrangements. I have been working a lot with succulents that have already taken root and creating arrangements for outside. I have started a few cuttings but I am definitely not an expert.  I had a few aloe cuttings that I needed to do something with. I like to surround myself with things that I enjoy and as succulents are my newest interest, I thought it would be a good idea to do something for a center piece on my kitchen table.


This is the final product.

I am all about creating something beautiful as cheap as possible. I go to the clearance sections in all stores, go to the dollar store, or yard sales. It is all about finding something that you can use IMG_20160408_185625and run with it. I got the metal bucket at Target for under $5 and the decorative rock in the bucket I got at the dollar store. There should be a whole drilled in the bottom of the bucket but I didn’t do that. I know that drainage is important for succulents, but as this arrangement is on my kitchen table, I didn’t want to get water on my tablecloth.


There are some awesome finds to be found in a store, but another place to find great items is a,t yard sales. At yard sales, there can be some amazing deals. The two smIMG_20160408_185715all votives next to the bucket I got at a yard sale. I paid $1 for the pair. I was excited to find these, but I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. Again, I did not drill a whole in the bottom. I will be very careful when watering. I don’t want too much water so the aloe cutting does not rot.

Please remember, I am not an expert on succulents, I am just so excited to share my new passion with everyone. I hope to share some updates as the plants grow, and if the plants don’t make it, I will let you know how important the drainage is. I can’t wait for my next succulent arrangement. I hope to share that soon.

Laundry Room Signs

The project I have been working on for a long time is updating my laundry room. There has been lots painting going on but what makes a house a home is filling it with memories. Artwork and signs are hanging all over the walls. I like creating things that make me smile and I decorate my house keeping that in mind. I wanted the laundry room to be a room I enjoyed as I spend so much doing my family’s laundry. As I just finished another sign last night and was excited to share it. I thought it would be nice to share just a few of my signs I have created as well as my most recent addition. I try my best to keep all my project as cheap as possible. I tend to use what I have and try to keep my expenses to a minimum.


“Donate a Sock Free House Elves” This sign was fun to make. As you will soon see I like Harry Potter and use Harry Potter theme decor items throughout my house. I also like to draw so this sign was like an art project as well as an awesome sign. I used the cheapest canvas I could find, paint, clothes pins, and a little glue.



“Sorting life out one load at a time” I saw something like this and instantly wanted to make this awesome sign. At the time I was out of paint so I used sharpies. I used a silver sharpie and a black sharpie. I also used a cheap canvas.



This “EAT” sign is over my pantry in my laundry room. I thought it was something cute over my pantry door and it has inspired another sign that I will be making a sign to go over the back door. I used wood letters and paint. This sign was the easiest one to make and it is the one that all my friends comment on when they see it.


“This home has endless love and laundry” As I indicate in many of my signs that I do not like to do laundry, I want my family to know that I do love taking care of them. Again I used cheap canvas and paint.



Laundry Schedule sign. I go into craft stores on a regular basis and find the coolest things. I found this wood sign that was unfinished and needed something painted on it. When I got home I started by painting the sign white and went from there. This was the first sign I ever made.


“4 same day service do it yourself” This sign is probably my favorite because my kids helped me paint the background. I found a piece of wood that was going to be trashed and paint. The kids finger painted the sign. They had paint all over the wood and their legs.

All these signs make me and my family smile. I have a few more signs that I will be making and I will be sharing some of my artwork soon. It is funny how so many projects can be inspired by one little project. I hope you enjoy seeing my signs and hope you decided to do some DIY projects or crafts to make your house a home.