New project

I have many interest but I love making things I can use. I need a new blanket for our bed so I have decided to make quilt. I love the way a quilt looks. They looks so homey but also like artwork too. This may take some time because I will only be working on it while the kids are asleep but I wanted to share the fabric colors.


I am so excited for this project. I have been wanting to do this for a long time now. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. If it turns out on I hope to make one for each of my kids too.

Artwork in the Laundry Room

There are so many projects that I have going on around my house and the one that have almost completed is my laundry room. I have done several projects in my laundry room and a few weeks ago I shared some of the signs I have created. Now that the room is coming together nicely I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the artwork that I have drawn or painted. I also have some artwork my kids have created as well.

DSCN5940Many of my drawings are inspired from pictures I have taken. I love it when I see something that inspires a project and I love it when I know just where I want to put it. Animals are fun to draw because my children also enjoy looking that the pictures too.

As time goes on I will share many other pictures that I have drawn of animals but this owl is DSCN5941probably my favorite. The owl took me a few days to draw because of all the grey. I had to make the bird stand out against the background.

Doodle art is so much fun and just about everyone has doodled on a paper. Well this is one of mine that I haveDSCN5942 hung on the wall.This picture was largest doodle art that I have ever drawn and I painted it instead of using ink. I plan to do more of these for around our house in the future.

This last picture that I am going to show you today is some artwork done my kids. The kidsDSCN5944 had fun drawing the pictures and they also colored on the frame. I made the frame out of popsicle sticks. I love seeing the kids artwork it makes me smile.

Art is so much fun. It can really brighten up a room and can improve a rooms looks. If you like to draw or doodle then you can add art to your walls pretty inexpensively and if you have kids you can get art on a daily basis. All of this art is in my laundry room and I love seeing the pictures on my walls. It makes it so much easier to work on laundry when I have something nice to looks at.




Garden Rock Craft

Many of my project that are done in the spring are for the garden. I love spending time with getting my hand dirty but sometime there are project that need to be done to complete a section in the garden. In my garden needed some markers to indicate the peppermintdifferent types of plants I have growing. When I am doing any project I try to include my kids. The craft project that I decided would be best for my garden is a rock marker. Including my children in this project was so easy, and they had fun. All I used was semi flat rocks I got at the dollar store, paint, and a permanent market.

The bag of rocks I got at the dollar store was small and I pulled out IMG_20160418_124513all the rocks that would were flat enough to write on. As I like to include my kids in my project I let them paint the rocks. The kids had so much fun painting the rocks. The kids painted these rocks for at least an hour. Some of the rocks were painted with a brush and others were finger painted. I had a certain color scheme that I was going for but when I do this in another garden I will give the kids more colors.The kids would have preferred it if I had let them choose the colors like I normally do but they still had a blast. As the kids used a lot of paint on the rocks it look several days for the rocks to dry.

Once the rock were dry I used a permanent marker to write on the rocks the different typesIMG_20160418_124404 of plants. I have started with just the herbs but I will be doing this with all my veggies, fruits, and even the flowers. I have many flowers that I started the previous year and
cannot remember the variety of flower. I would like to purchase the same flower and I do not know for sure what it is called. I will be using the painted rocks to fix this problem. It is always awesome to be able to use a craft to entertain the kids and fix a problem.


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