kidsI have been thinking for sometime about starting a blog, but I was not sure where to start. I have many passions in my life and I have been struggling with a focus for my blog. So I have decided to focus on how I want to live my life, by enjoying it.  I want to live a positive life, relishing in the beauty of each day. With this blog, I am hoping to keep my life on that path. I want to appreciate every moment that is placed in front of me and see the beauty in it. I plan to share my DIY or craft projects, my gardening, and photos from my travels, as all of these topics bring me joy.

I love DIY and craft projects for around the house, indoors and outdoors. I like to make my shelfhome more functional while adding my own personal style to things. As you will soon see, I love bright colors all around me. Most of my projects are colorful and brighten up my family’s lives. Often times I use my own artwork on the walls around my home or I will make fun signs to make me smile. Other times I will work on a project that will make my home more functional, like finger painting shelves with my children for in our laundry room. When I see these projects, I remember the happy times making them. I try to surround myself with things that make me happy.

seedGardening is another joy in my life. I feel sometimes that I could solve all of life’s problems just by raking the leaves. It is so peaceful being in the yard pulling weeds or planting seeds, or even raking leaves. I am so excited for spring and growing all of my fruits, veggies, and flowers. I am sure my husband is not as excited because I have started many of my seeds in our windows. My yard is going to be fuller than ever of wonderful plants.

I love traveling and photography. These two go hand in hand. I hope to share all of my oceantravels with beautiful photos that clearly display the emotions of the day or the wonder of the place. There are so many beautiful things to see far away, but also right around the corner. My adventures may be from just down the street on our local hiking trail or on an adventure in our travel trailer. I can’t wait to show you all where we will go.

walkI hope, with this blog, I will keep myself on my quest for finding the beauty during each day. I hope my DIY and craft projects will inspire you to make something for around your home or have your children make some beautiful art to make you smile. I hope my garden will help give you some peace as it does for me. I plan to give some helpful hints for in the garden and show you everything that I grow. Finally, I hope my travels will inspire you to see the world around you and I hope you enjoy seeing all of the places that we will go.

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