Succulent Arrangement Update

So earlier in the summer I did a succulent arrangement and I thought it would be fun to share an update. 


I loved this arrangement when I originally created it but now it is so full. It is beautiful and green.


It has really grown and I know it will grow more. Hopefully it will grow more before I have to put it in the greenhouse. 

Mailbox Fairy Garden

About a year ago I was given an old mailbox, I knew I wanted to use it in my garden but I was not sure how I wanted it to look. Over the summer I really got into fairy gardens and I decided I needed to make it a fairy house. I had ordered some of the Tinkerbell character earlier in the year and have been using them in my garden all summer long. I had everything I needed to make another fairy garden and was getting really excited to make a mailbox fairy garden.

Inside the mailbox has a little house with some rocks and moss along with a fairy. On the door I cover it with moss and made some decorations out of bead that I already had around the house. (I am hoping to change the decor for each season and holiday.) Right now it is decorated for Halloween but I also made some decorations to keep in the garden all year long. 

In the flower pot I did arrangement of several different types of plants. I wanted it to mix well with my Halloween theme fairy garden but still have color. I used lots of purple and added some Halloween decorations. 

This fairy garden will change with the seasons and I hope it will stay the highlight of this flowerbed for years to come. I am hoping to share this little fairy house as it evolves over time.