Succulents in my Fairy Garden

I love the look of the succulents in a fairy garden. The rosette succulent give a look of flowers in the fairies yard. The taller succulents and cacti give an appearance of trees. It just makes me smile to see how something I imagine will turn out and get to enjoy these beautiful plants for years to come.

For this project I use succulents that I purchased and succulents that I grew from cuttings. I also used 2 cacti. 

The little house I got at a craft store for a $1 and let my kids paint it. I truly love including my kids are project all over our house and in our yard.

I love art and to create new things. I feel as though the working in the garden is another for of art. I have an idea that I want to bring to reality. There maybe painting involved, there maybe some building, and there is a lot of placing the plant in just a way to give a certain look. I have hopes to construct some other items for future fairy gardens and I hope you all get inspired to create something new.

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