Laundry Room Doors

So in my front yard there is a spot that was just dirt and durin c the winter it is a muddy mess. To fix this problem I did put in brink paver for a small patio. But my original plan was to put grass in but I didn’t want to have to mow it so I decided to put in a small flower bed to take up some of the dirt space. I made the flower bed out of some old edging that someone was going to throw away I decided how big the bottom ring was going to be and used a saws all to cut the edging to size I then filled the ring with potting soil.i pressed down the soil to get the ring to stay in a circle. I over lapped the two ends and just using hot glue to hold it together. Next I made the middle and the top rings the same way as the bottom ring. Once the soil was all pressed down well I planted NY flowers. After this project my flowers. After this project was completed I decided to make a second small patio and fill the rest in with rock. I think the flowerbed looks so pretty and when the other patio and rock are in the whole thing will be wonderful.

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