New Growth in my Garden

I have so many plants growing in my garden and it is so exciting when the plants are thriving. I love to see the different flowers that are produced and I especially loving seeing the flowers on the veggie plants. I have many different types of plants growing but right now I have two types of vegetable plants that are blooming right now. One is my zucchini and the other is my green beans both of which have beautiful flowers on them.


I grew both the zucchini and the green bean from seeds and it is so rewarding to



see them growing strong. The zucchini has the light orange colored flower and as I have a total of six zucchini plants. Two of the plants are flowering and more will be blooming soon. I am hoping to have zucchini to have a lot of zucchini grow, and I am excited to have my kids harvest whatever grows in my garden. My kids love to watch the plants grow and are always excited to help make dinner with what they have picked. They seem to be more likely to eat their veggies when they picked the veggie and prepared it.


Green Beans1

Green Bean

The green bean has the white with a little purple flower. It is so pretty and looks so delicate. Right now I have about seven green bean plants growing and several have flowers on them. I am a little nervous about these because in the past I have trouble with deer. The deer have eaten my green bean down to nothing in pervious years but this year I have found a deer repellent that seems to be working. So I am hoping to get some green beans this year. I would like to grow enough that I can freeze some for during the winter.


I love working in the garden. It calms me when I am stressed and it makes my smile when the plants grow beautifully. I try to spend as much time as I can in my garden I hope to expand my garden in years to come. Soon I will be sharing pictures of my snap peas, pumpkins, watermelons, and more. I hope you enjoy seeing what I have growing in my garden and I can’t wait to share in the future.

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