An Entire Laundry Room Updated all Started with some Shelves

As I am nearing the completion of the updating in my laundry room, I thought I would look back on my first project that started the entire journey. Our laundry room is very small and had very little storage space. All the storage space I had was one small shelf that would barely hold my laundry room supplies let alone anything else I wanted to keep handy. Because the the lack of space was not going to work for me, I knew I had to do something. So I decided I would add shelving to the room

Laundry rom shelvesThe existing shelf was black and just did not fit my style. Black is a great color but I prefer things that are bright and colorful. Sense I was not really happy with the black shelf, I took down the shelf and let my kids paint it. Now keep in mind at the time my kids were 1 1/2 and 3 years old. There is no rhyme or reason to their painting, they just picked a color they liked and finger painted it. It took them two days to finish the one shelf. I did have them paint both sides of the shelf and I did do a laundry room shelveslittle touching up to cover any spots that were missed.

Sense I wanted another shelf I needed them to paint a second one to match. I had a piece of plywood that was leftover from another project and decided to use that as my second shelf. They worked on the project for another two days, finger painting the shelf and themselves. The kids had fun painting and did a great job working together to fill a need in our home.

After I finished touching up the shelf I had to make some decision on how i wanted the shelves mounted on the wall. I still had the wall mounts from when the first shelf was black so I went ahead and used those for the original shelf. For the new shelf I had to purchase another set of wall mounts but I couldn’t find a set to matching the first pair of wall mounts. At first I was a little disappointed but then I decided to get the cheapest thing that I could find and just paint them the same color. I was a little nervous because the shelf mounts did not match but once both shelves were hanging on the wall I was not really bothered by it. Both mounts  were painted white and the wall is a cream color so they don’t really stand out.

Once both shelves were up I was so happy to have a little more space for storage and I loved the colors the kids painted them. The shelves entertained my kids for several days and is functional art that I get to look at every day. As the shelves were more my personal style, the rest of the room looked so boring to me. I felt as though the rest of the room needed some decor to complete the look of the room. I felt that the walled needed some touch up paint, the doors needed some TLC, and we needed artwork around the room. It is interesting to he how a seemly simple project could turn into an entire laundry room update.


New project

I have many interest but I love making things I can use. I need a new blanket for our bed so I have decided to make quilt. I love the way a quilt looks. They looks so homey but also like artwork too. This may take some time because I will only be working on it while the kids are asleep but I wanted to share the fabric colors.


I am so excited for this project. I have been wanting to do this for a long time now. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. If it turns out on I hope to make one for each of my kids too.

New project

I have many interest but I love making things I can use. I need a new blanket for our bed so I have decided to make quilt. I love the way a quilt looks. They looks so homey but also like artwork too. This may take some time because I will only be working on it while the kids are asleep but I wanted to share the fabric colors.


I am so excited for this project. I have been wanting to do this for a long time now. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. If it turns out on I hope to make one for each of my kids too.

My First Fairy Garden

1 fairy gardenIn my garden I have so many different types of plants but I felt I needed something else to enhance the look of my flower bed. There is a lot of greenery but I felt I needed something else that was not a plant. I wanted something with that would add year round color in my flower bed, as well as something that did not need1 fairy garden 3 any additional water. I decided to make a fairy garden. I really like Tinkerbell and all her fairy friends so I ordered them.

I had some flowers that I planted in a large pot and I 1 fairy garden 4had just enough room for a small fairy garden within it. I started with Rosetta a garden fairy. I made her house out of a water bottle. I cut the top to look like a flower and added a popsicle stick door. I also made a bench and a pergola out of popsicle sticks and toothpicks. One thing that was nice about adding Rosetta’s garden to this flower pot is I didn’t have to add more flowers.

1 fairy garden 2This project was simple and fun. I started in the flower pot but I will be doing about five others in the future. I have one more flower pot just like this one and I will be adding some fairies to my flower bed.  I already have the fairies. I am in the process of designing each ones area and need to start building their houses. I can’t wait to see how the others turn out.

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Trip to Bass Lake

Bass LakeIt doesn’t matter if a trip is several weeks long or just a day trip we long checking things out. We could go to the same place a million times and always a new adventure. We recently spend a few days at Bass Lake, a place we have been countless times. It is so beautiful and it is even more beautiful because the lake is full. Bass Lake has been extremely low for the past several years but after getting a good amount of rain this last winter the docks are back in the water. This year is going to be a great year for boating, kayaking and just spending time at the lake. We spent sometime playing in the water and watching all the birds go by. On our trip to Bass Lake, we got to see enjoyed seeing some wildlife and spending a little time on the water.eagle 1

When we arrived at the lake and we were walking down to the beach we saw the coolest thing. A bold eagle flew by with a eagle 2large mouth bass in his talons I wish I was able to get my camera out faster so I could have a picture of it. The sight of the bold eagle was like something seen in a movie or a picture in a magazine. A few minutes after the bold eagle flew off, another eagle flew over and landed in the tree right next to us. The kids and I were jumping up and down yelling at my husband, “LOOK!!!!” I think this eagle is a Golden Eagle but I am not sure on that. I am definitely not a bird expert.Bass Lake Lady Bug

While the one eagle sat in the tree, our kids played in the water. I don’t know what it is about water but it seems to entertain kids for a long time. The kids like splashing in the water and throwing rocks into the lake. This is a free activity that we can do with the kids and it is a guarantee my kids to have a great time. Our kids always have so much fun playing in the water they are never ready to leave.

Bass Lake MayaA few days after the eagle sighting we went back to Bass Lake to go kayaking. I was hoping to see the eagles again but no luck. This was our first kayaking trip of the season and have many more trip planned for the summer. My kids love being out on the water and our dog even goes too. The kids loving looking into the water for fish, being splashed by the waves, and going exploring. The water was so nice and the weather was perfect. The sky was so blue and there was a nice breeze. As the water level is higher than previous years it was like kayaking in a different lake. We could see streams flowing into the lake that we had never seen before.

The eagle sighting was so exciting and made the trip that much more memorable. Going toBass Lake Creek Bass Lake was a last minute decision and if we hadn’t gone we would have never seen it. The only way to see these awesome sights is by getting outside. We are planning on going back to see if we can see the eagle again and next time I will have my camera ready. We love kayaking. We move through the water slower and can take in all the lake has to offer. We can feel the water, stop and see the bird, and kayak into a little cove we could have never gotten to with a boat. I am excited to back to Bass Lake later on this year and see what we can find.


New Growth in my Garden

I have so many plants growing in my garden and it is so exciting when the plants are thriving. I love to see the different flowers that are produced and I especially loving seeing the flowers on the veggie plants. I have many different types of plants growing but right now I have two types of vegetable plants that are blooming right now. One is my zucchini and the other is my green beans both of which have beautiful flowers on them.


I grew both the zucchini and the green bean from seeds and it is so rewarding to



see them growing strong. The zucchini has the light orange colored flower and as I have a total of six zucchini plants. Two of the plants are flowering and more will be blooming soon. I am hoping to have zucchini to have a lot of zucchini grow, and I am excited to have my kids harvest whatever grows in my garden. My kids love to watch the plants grow and are always excited to help make dinner with what they have picked. They seem to be more likely to eat their veggies when they picked the veggie and prepared it.


Green Beans1

Green Bean

The green bean has the white with a little purple flower. It is so pretty and looks so delicate. Right now I have about seven green bean plants growing and several have flowers on them. I am a little nervous about these because in the past I have trouble with deer. The deer have eaten my green bean down to nothing in pervious years but this year I have found a deer repellent that seems to be working. So I am hoping to get some green beans this year. I would like to grow enough that I can freeze some for during the winter.


I love working in the garden. It calms me when I am stressed and it makes my smile when the plants grow beautifully. I try to spend as much time as I can in my garden I hope to expand my garden in years to come. Soon I will be sharing pictures of my snap peas, pumpkins, watermelons, and more. I hope you enjoy seeing what I have growing in my garden and I can’t wait to share in the future.

Blue Heron

There are so many adventures to be had in the yard and so many things to see. I love our yard and we go looking for different creatures all the time. Most of the time we find bugs, and lots of different types of birds. Most of the time we see the same thing but this morning we had a great surprise. We had a blue heron in our backyard. My kids were so excited to see it. I think this bird is so pretty and it was a great way to start our morning. It was nice to see an amazing creature enjoying my yard as much as I do.Blue Side view

blue walkingheron open mouh

This was so exciting to see in our yard and I can’t wait to see what we will see next. My family and I love to see animals in the wild. It is so interesting to thing of our backyard as being part of the wild. Animals are not care about property lines or fences.


I love spring, everything is blooming and growing. My yard is full of color and I wanted to share a picture of my roses that are blooming beautifully.


I love the brightness of this rose and the plant is so green. I will share more pictures of my plants next week.

Switch and Plug Covers

My laundry room is full of signs and artwork that I have created but there was one spot on my walls that just didn’t look right. My switch and plug covers looked so boring in comparison to the rest of the room. I decided I needed to do something with them so I painted them. I had two Harry Potter themed ideas that I wanted to do on my switches but I had a plug cover that needed something as well. I knew I wanted a quote but I felt it needed to be a Harry Potter theme to match. I started looking for a quote to inspire me in some way. Here are the three covers I completed:Harry potter

1. Lumos/Nox: I like to make things that make me smile so I decided to make this cover. It is fun to have something that a fan of Harry Potter would understand but other people just think it is weird.

harry potter 22. “…one only remembers to turn on the light.” I love this quote. It is inspiring and Albus Dumbledore always seems to know what he is talking about. I like to surround myself with things that inspire me to keep being me and to let life get me down.

3. harry potter3“What’ Comin’ will come…” This a quote by Hagrid and I feel like it is so true to life. Life will present situations and there is no need to worry and it will be met as the situation progresses.

I really like my switch and plug covers. The hand writing is not the best but it was still fun to make. I think it looks better than the plain covers. I like having quotes to inspire me to life a positive life surrounding me. It is always fun to find something to inspire a happy life.






Happy Mothers day

Today has been a wonderful day. I truly enjoy spending a me with my family and we spent a little time at one of my favorite places today…the hardware store. The boys got me some rock my garden and some plants.


I love it when I bring home something to use in the yard. I have been slowly finishing up the front yard. I tend to purchase the plants or rock as it goes on sale. It was so awesome to be able to get a bunch of rock all at once.


Once we got home the boys helped me put the rock down and plant a few of the plants. It is so fun for me to decorate our yard with my kids. We have a few more plants to plant this next week and I got some brick for some painting projects with them.


This here is gift I made for my mom. Most of these plants are cuttings from my garden. I can’t wait to give it to her. 
I hope you all have a great day and happy mothers day. We will be watching the Lorax and have a nice Mother’s day dinner.